The biggest ever Radio 1 Roadshow arrived at the Glebe at Bowness in July 1990 – and proved so popular that it returned several times in the following years.

With its party atmosphere, competitions and upbeat music, it was guaranteed to get the crowd of thousands whipped up into a frenzy – especially given the enthusiasm of presenters Simon Mayo and Jakki Brambles, Radio 1’s youngest DJ at 23.

Before the show went on air the crowd was motivated by the DJs and encouraged to be as loud as possible.

Once on air, the DJs bounded about with limitless energy in the sweltering sunshine, darting over to the crowd and grabbing people’s cameras to take pictures from their vantage point or kicking footballs into the crowd.

From its idyllic setting overlooking Windermere, the roadshow transformed the Glebe into a huge outdoor party.

The DJs and the roadshow crew loved Bowness. Jakki said: “Bowness is the most beautiful setting we have been to, very green and lush. I just wish it was not as far away from London.”

It was Jakki’s first year of touring with the roadshow, although she did guest appearances on the shows in 1989.

It was a far cry from her gruelling routine back at the station, where she did the early show from 5am to 6.30am and then also appeared on Simon Mayo’s breakfast show until 9.30am, which meant she was on air for longer than any other DJ.

Regular features of the breakfast show featured at the roadshow, such as ‘on this day in history’ plus the usual roadshow goodies ‘bits ‘n’ pieces’ and the mileage.

And there was no end of willing volunteers from the audience to get up on stage and clown around.

South Lakeland District Council’s leisure services department had invited the roadshow to Bowness and the decision was welcomed.

Chief leisure services officer Rodger Read said: “We are always happy to welcome the Radio 1 Roadshow to South Lakeland and I hope they will be back next year.”

The show was enjoyed by everyone in attendance and the days of music and rock would live in the minds of the fans for a lifetime.

The roadshow was a smash hit with the Cumbrian crowd and would return to the area in 1991, 1992 and 1995.