Concerns have been raised that asbestos could be left on some allotments in Kendal.

The issue was discussed at Kendal Town Council's allotments committee's most recent meeting, with fears that some could be found at rented plots and pigeon lofts.

Pierre Labat, the council's townscape manager, warned that any remnants must be eradicated 'as soon as possible'.

"When clearing took place there were asbestos sheets that came off some roofing," he said.

"Rinkfield Allotments has a small amount between some plot sides and we will get it removed.

“I have had a talk with a contractor to do the removal work and we have quotes to do the jobs.

"I also looked at Underley Hill allotments and can’t see any asbestos there, but this area is still cordoned off.

"You have to start digging to find it and you need a specialised contractor to do that."

Councillor Giles Archibald, who represents Fell ward, was also keen for the problem to be dealt with urgently.

He said: “We have a moral duty to remove asbestos from a site as soon as we know it’s there.

"We need to remove it immediately and we need to get on with it now.

“We can take money from the allotments fund to get rid of all asbestos; we don't know how old it is. I repeat – immediate removal."

Alvin Finch, the town's mayor, thinks that clearing should go further still.

He said: “It has to be done by proper people including going to the pigeon lofts that have it in, because some of the lofts have been there for years."

Asbestos particles have been linked to respiratory diseases and death.

It was banned as a building material in 1999, but continues to be discovered or dug up from older developments across the UK.

Kendal has 472 allotment plots spread over 17 sites throughout the town, with people on a waiting list for a plot to rent for anywhere up to four years.