SEVERAL hotspots in Cumbria and the South Lakes have been identified as sites for dogging.

The areas were highlighted as being used for the practise after a local Councillor declared it should not be happening.

Dogging - sexual activity in public or watching others engage in the activity in public - is not illegal under a specific law in the UK, but people who get caught can be charged with public lewdness and indecent exposure.

The areas were named as popular sites by an adult website.

One such area in the South Lakes was the A590 near Greenodd, where the site warned people to ‘keep an eye out for nosey police during the day’.

Among the sites mentioned on the website is a car park near the Cocken Tunnel in the Ormsgill area of Barrow.

The website also picked out several sites on the Coast Road between Ulverston and Barrow as ‘nice, quiet places’.

“The best time is after dark as the daytime is busy with visitors,” the description said.

Ormsgill councillor Bill McEwan said he discouraged anyone from partaking in the practice and warned that children or other members could encounter it.

“Stuff like that is personal,” he said.

“I don’t think it should be happening in public.

“It’s not a practice I would encourage people to take up.

“I think they should more discreet.

“It’s gross - we don’t want it happening.”

According to data provided by Cumbria Police, four people were caught committing an act outraging public decency in the last five years, a common offence for such practice.