Fears over the growing problem of coastal erosion have led to urgent calls for action.

Residents are said to have raised concern over erosion on the coast of Askam.

Proposals for how to prevent areas succumbing to erosion were discussed by councillors in a meeting of the Cumbria County Council Coastal Strategy group.

Askam councillor Ben Shirley said a number of people had been in touch with him with concern about areas on the coast which could crumble.

He said the Government was being pushed for funding to help tackle erosion.

Cllr Shirley said: “Our coastline is eroding, and succumbing to the elements.

“We must act now to protect our coastline from eroding further into the sea.

“Many residents have been in frequent contact with me, concerned about the erosion along Avocet Crescent frontage, Marsh Street frontage, and Marsh Farm.

Thank you to everyone who’s been in contact and shared photos with me – this all helps me to build the case with the council, and Government.

“Together with local leaders across council, and working with our local MP, residents and our excellent parish council, I will continue to press for action to protect our village from further erosion.

“There are schemes being worked on to protect the coastline, and the sites are being added to the list of at risk of erosion for regular monitoring.

“Plans and schemes are being worked on by consultants to build the case to present to Government for funding to deliver the schemes we need to protect our coastline from erosion.

“I’ll continue to make the case so that we don’t get forgotten about.”

Last month Cumbria County Council’s cabinet approved a new strategy for managing coastal flooding and erosion risks along the Cumbrian coastline over the next century.

The Cumbria Coastal Strategy recommends long term sustainable solutions and will be used to make the case for government funding for coastal management defence schemes in the future.

Over the last three years, Cumbria County Council has worked together with the Cumbria Coast Protection Authorities (District Councils), Environment Agency, Natural England and Network Rail, as well as a number of organisations, to develop the strategy for management of the coast.”