A LASTING memorial to those who lost their lives to Covid-19 has been created in the Lake District.

Bowness resident Naz Craig said the new bench and signpost served as a memorial to those who had died and the families left to cope without their loved ones.

The bench has a small plaque bearing the name of Miss Craig’s mother, Piarah Fatema Haque, who died of Covid at the age of 72 earlier this year. Covid restrictions meant Miss Craig and family ‘weren’t able to say goodbye properly’.

Next to the bench is a sign displaying a poem written by Miss Craig, reflecting other families that were unable to be with their loved ones due to pandemic restrictions when they died.

It says: “No farewell words were spoken.

“No hand to hold on tight.

“No eyes to see my love for you.

“No moment to say goodnight.”

Miss Craig said: “Mum is representing the people who didn’t have the opportunity to say a proper goodbye, and hence the inscription.

“I hope it resonates with people, how most of the community who have been affected by Covid are feeling.

“This is about more than the Lake District, more than one person, this is about representing a lot of people.”

Miss Craig raised £1,000 to have the bench and sign erected just behind the bandstand along the Glebe, Bowness.

She did this by selling possessions of her own and selling items that were going to be binned during a redevelopment opposite her home.

She picked the busy tourist hotspot to evoke memories among holidaymakers and tourists of the good times they have shared with their loved ones who are no longer with us.

“Let’s sit here, let’s look at the lake, let’s think about them in happy times,” she said.