EastEnders (BBC1)

It seems Callum’s worst wedding day fears have been realised when word reaches him at the register office that Ben has vanished. Stuart sets out to track down the errant groom, but instead runs into Phil. If Ben decides he does want to go through with the ceremony, will his dad let him?

Keegan panics when he finds an injured Banjo - but no Bailey. The youngster is later discovered by a man named Reg, who contacts Mitch and Karen, but will it lead to a happy reunion?

Kheerat asks Sharon out for a drink, and Vi announces her intention to stick around.

Coronation Street (ITV)

Corey doesn’t deserve Asha’s loyalty, but she’s determined to stand by her man. Kelly, however, finds herself in the firing line, with everyone – including the police – seemingly convinced of her guilt.

As Abi turns detective, determined to find Seb’s attacker herself, Nina hopes she can help by discharging herself from hospital and revisiting the site where the assault occurred in the hope it will jog her memory.

Meanwhile, Ed makes a fuss of Michael, Grace and baby Glory, but Ronnie oversteps the mark, and Daniel is employed as Sam’s tutor – if he’s up to it.

Emmerdale (ITV)

As far as Brenda is concerned, Faith is still the prime suspect in the theft of her brooch – and the real culprit, Mack, isn’t bothered about putting her straight.

So, Aaron steals the jewellery back and breaks into Pollard’s Barn to return it – only to be caught by a bat-wielding Eric.

Jimmy confides in Mandy about his many, many troubles, and she advises him to think about what’s best for Carl. With these words ringing in his ears, Jimmy reaches out to Juliette and announces he’s going to plead guilty, but what will Nicola make of this course of action?

Tracy gets sick of the growing tensions between the Dingle and Pollard factions.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Cleo worries that her patient Tommy’s stepdad Adrian is behind his injuries and decides to get to the truth. Toby is the voice of a reason for once, as he suggests a bad feeling might not be a good enough reason for her to get involved – but he later decides Adrian is guilty of abuse and decides to take revenge. Have Toby and Cleo gone too far?

Warren vows to hire a solicitor and fight for custody of his kids, but there may be other claims on his money when Fergus reveals they’re being blackmailed over the laptop heist. Meanwhile, Maxine is shocked to discover that Warren has been lying to her for weeks.

Peri fears Juliet is keeping secrets, and Grace insists on supporting Martine when she attends the hospital to get the results of her biopsy.

Home and Away (C5)

Mac returns home from hospital, but it’s clear she’s still unwell.

As Lewis receives the autopsy findings, Christian’s assault charge is lifted, so he decides it’s time he focused on the situation at work. The two men then seem to be on a collision course when it’s announced that Christian can return to the hospital.

A journalist begins sniffing around at the Surf Club, Chloe and Ryder gatecrash Nikau and Bella’s weekend away, while Willow hopes Alex will return her call.

Neighbours (C5)

Brent’s desperate attempts to raise some cash look set to end in disaster. Nicolette suspects he’s up to something, leading her to investigate after hours at school, where she disturbs an intruder. He pushes her into some shelves which then collapse on top of her.

Jane continues to take her frustrations over The Hive project out on Susan.