BIRD flu is still a risk according to a Cumbrian public body.

And residents are being warned of the rules when it comes to their winged friends.

A spokesman for Cumbria Trading Standards said: “Remember that whilst your birds are allowed outside, they must be in a fenced off area with their food & water undercover away from wild birds.

“AvianInfluenza remains a risk.”

Bird flu (Avian Influenza) is spread between birds through direct contact or indirectly via faeces, droppings or contaminated objects, land or water.

If poultry, such as chickens or turkeys, are infected with bird flu they will likely show signs of illness, whereas waterfowl such as ducks and geese can carry it without becoming ill, and therefore can easily spread it to other birds.

The Department for Environment and Rural Affairs have given their top tips for stopping the spread:

- Net or cover ponds – you must net or cover any ponds that are within the fenced range area.

- Fence off ponds, streams, standing water or wet or boggy areas – whilst the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone is in place, poultry must not be allowed access to areas around ponds

- Remove any wild bird feed sources