‘Have your say on a vision for Ulverston’s future’ was the message coming from the district council as it called on people to help release up to £3m in investment for the town’s future.

The Government’s Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal is set to bring up to £452m of fresh investment to the ‘borderlands’ area, including Cumbria.

And South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) has invited the public to sign up to two workshops being held to discuss a ‘place vision’ for Ulverston. It is the county council and Carlisle City Council that represent Cumbria in the regional partnership involved in the Borderlands programme.

A spokesman for Cumbria County Council’s Ulverston Town Team said: “We want to use the new place vision to build local pride and confidence in our great town, and to help us further develop Ulverston as we reignite our economy post-coronavirus.

“We want to hear what makes you proud about Ulverston, how you feel about the area and how you might like it to develop in the future.

“With these ‘virtual’ workshops, we are seeking your insight, thoughts and knowledge to help shape a powerful vision for Ulverston.”

The spokesman said the Ulverston Town Team was looking to develop a ‘place vision’ for Ulverston.

He said this would help to:

•Attract new businesses to towns and town centres.

•Increase and retain the working-age population.

•Raise the standard of the physical environment in towns and town centres.

•Increase the number of people living in towns and town centres.

•Deliver new jobs and opportunities for economic and social participation.

•Increase the number of visitors who spend time and money in towns and town centres.

Two virtual workshops are being held over Zoom.

The first is on May 19 at 6pm. Visit tinyurl.com/m5bjhcy8 to register.

The second is on May 20 at 9am. Visit tinyurl.com/t95cy to register.

A survey can be completed by visiting surveymonkey.co.uk/r/UlverstonVision. This will be available for completion until May 21.

The survey preamble says that the project is about:

•Making the town a better place to live.

•Creating a place that people want to visit and spend time and money in.

•Improving skills and creating jobs

•Making an environment where businesses choose to locate, stay and grow.

•Improving Ulverston town centre.

•Defining and celebrating what makes Ulverston special.

•Recovering from Covid-19.