A WOMAN has thanked the people who helped rescue her 25-year-old horse from a ditch after she became spooked by suspected trespassers.

Hannah Cartwright, from Burton-in-Kendal, discovered her horse Lily was missing when she went to her family’s stables on Sunday morning with her boyfriend.

There were signs of disturbance and the 26-year-old was horrified when she realised her beloved horse was stuck in a nearby beck.

“I went to the stables with my boyfriend, and we noticed that some stuff from behind the stables had been moved and I noticed Lily wasn’t in the field,” said Ms Cartwright.

“I ran over and she was lying in the beck.

“I was in shock; it’s upsetting seeing your pet in pain and struggling.

“It has been a traumatic time.”

Ms Cartwright rang emergency services, her local vet, as well as her brother and parents, to help rescue the frightened animal.

Fire crews from Kendal and Arnside soon came to the aid, and with the added assistance of a nearby farmer’s tractor Lily was hoisted out of the beck.

“I rang the vet and the fire brigade, they came really quickly there were loads of us there,” said Ms Cartwright.

“The farmer from round the corner brought his tractor round, and he was the one who lifted her out under instruction from the fire brigade.”

She believes Lily, who she has had for twenty years, was spooked by someone coming to the stables.

“I think she’s been spooked by somebody around the stables,” she said.

Lily is now on antibiotics for an infected leg but is reportedly doing well.

“She’s on antibiotics because she got an infected leg from being in the water and she must have had a puncture somewhere,” said Ms Cartwright.

“But she’s happy and wandering around.

“She’s only a little pony but she’s 25, so she’s stiff anyway.”

The grateful owner has now expressed her thanks to the people who helped Lily and kept her calm.

“A massive thanks to everyone,” she said.

“The fire brigade was there really quickly, it was Arnside and Kendal.

“They kept me calm.”