Employees at a financial management firm have been taking part in a series of activities as part of national Mental Health Awareness Week.

Financial Management Bureau organised daily activities for its staff, whether they were working at home or from its offices in Kendal.

Monday began with people taking part in 15 minutes of mindfulness at their desks, followed by a challenge on Tuesday to see who could hold a ‘plank’ position for the longest. On Wednesday the business invited fitness trainer Sarah Brook to its offices to run lunchtime circuit training and yoga sessions, with a special team talk on Thursday and staff bringing in a selection of healthy lunch options for a buffet to finish the week.

The business has also been running longer term health and wellbeing initiatives, including challenging staff to walk the equivalent distance of Kendal to the Bank of England - 522 miles - between April 10 and May 10.

They completed the distance within just two weeks, spurring FMB to extend the challenge to 1516 miles.

FMB managing director Liz Beavis said: “We should all be looking out for our own and each other’s mental health and wellbeing as much as we can.

"Along with the many obvious benefits this brings, it’s also clear that a happy, healthy business is usually a successful business as well.”