RESIDENTS in the Kirkby Lonsdale community rallied around its market place to clear a blockade that had mistakenly occurred in the town.

When a delivery van mistakenly deposited its load of pallets and boxes into the street at Jingling Lane, the narrow two-way street was obstructed from accessing the market.

A female assistant to the CIC rallied support from local businessmen and a small team from Borders Greengrocers, the Royal Barn, the Snooty Fox, and Abrahams, who turned up and quickly had the street cleared and the delivery safely stored. This allowed the market to be accessed safely and quickly.

Town Councillor Allan Muirhead said: "That response was typical of this town.

"On behalf of the town's Community Interest Company, our grateful thanks to Scott from Borders, and his colleagues from the Royal Barn and the Snooty Fox, who rallied round to help clear a delivery of market equipment which had just been dumped by a delivery firm in Jingling Lane.

"Our assistant, Phoebe, got a lot of unnecessary stick from some quarters, as if it had been done deliberately.

"Fortunately, help was quickly offered and the blockage was cleared. Many thanks for yet another display of community support being there when it's needed."