KENDAL shoppers were on the fence today about the lifting of restrictions by the Government today.

The Westmorland Gazette was out in the town asking people what they thought about the situation.

One shopper we taped said: "To be honest, it's a bit early.  You can have a good balance between life and being safe without removing everything."

Another disagreed: "I think it's a good thing because we need to just get on with life now.  A massive percentage are vaccinated now.  I think we need to be cautious and wear masks in certain situations."

Others were a bit too shy to be on video.

Helen Roe, 65, of Halton, Lancaster, said: "I'm pleased that probably 50% of people have face masks on.  I'm a bit dismayed by the 50% that aren't, though.  It's a bit selfish really.

"I feel sorry for the nurses and NHS, as well as people waiting for operations in hospital.  

"The overriding emotion is frustration.  This is the folly of Boris Johnson."

Her husband, Francis Roe, 70, said: "I just think we could go back to work and restaurants without just dropping all restrictions completely and see how it goes."

Lynn Robson, who owns The Cottage Kitchen, hasn't changed the rules.  She held a vote among her staff, who all wanted to keep their visors on, and the signs mandating a mask are still in place.

She said: "The problem here is that if one of my staff has to isolate, we're closed.

"Everyone is walking around with masks anyway, and everyone who has come in today is wearing one."

Martin Watson and Lee Woollard are butchers in Kendal town centre.  

"90% of people have been wearing masks," Mr Woollard proclaimed.  "We're leaving it down to personal choice, but have left the sign on the door.  At the end of the day, if people don't want to wear masks they won't wear them."

Mr Watson elaborated: "The opening is good for business though.  Lots of people have been coming up on their holidays to the caravan sites and things.  Sometimes we close early but today we've sold out of sausages and burgers!"