SOUTH Cumbrian residents will join hundreds of people across the UK to ‘make a noise’ in support of Proportional Representation.

From singing to banging drums to interactive street stalls, people around the country will be out in force on Saturday to demand a fairer voting system that will make everyone’s vote count equally, no matter who they choose to vote for on polling day.

The ‘Make Noise for PR’ action day is organised by national cross-party campaign group Make Votes Matter.

The action day comes amid growing concern over recent measures to undermine democracy, including plans by the Home Secretary Priti Patel to change to a First Past the Post voting system for future Mayoral and Police & Crime Commissioner elections.

Make Votes Matter North Lancashire will be running an interactive street stall in Market Square, Lancaster, near Lancaster Central Library and City Museum between 11am and 3pm.

Colette Bain, who is taking part in the action, said: "I'm getting involved with the Make Votes Matter national day of action because in elections I want to be able to vote for the candidate I feel best represents me, rather than having to vote tactically or feel my vote is wasted."