THE UK'S top ten national parks have been revealed, with the Lake District coming in at 3rd place. 

70 years ago saw the birth of the UK's national park's and since then they have been a firm favourite for people wanting to getaway. There are 15 national parks across the UK each displaying their own uniqueness and importance to our countryside.

Data from Brecon Beacons Holiday Lodges shows the best 10 parks in the UK, but which of our national parks comes out on top as the best one to visit?

1. Snowdonia Snowdonia is the most biodiverse national park with 14,580 distinct species. In the survey, it scored highly for walking, mountains and has a high google review rating.

2. Yorkshire Dales - The largest of two national parks in Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Dales become an international Dark Sky Reserve in 2020, it also welcomes 9 million visitors a year and is 2179 square kilometres of land. 

3. Lake District - The Lake District is the UK's most visited national park, it attracts more than 16 million people each year. It is also the best place to visit for food according to AA-rated restaurants.

4. Brecon Beacons The Brecon Beacons are filled with mountains, waterfalls and underground caverns, which makes it the perfect place for adventure. It is also a top spot for history enthusiasts with nine different castles within its park.

5. Peak District - This national park attracts 8.75 million annual visitors, making it the third most visited national park. It was the first special landscape to be recognised by the UK government and was named a national park in 1951.

6. Cairgorms - This is the UK's largest national park at 4,526 sq km in size. There ate 12,277 different species living in this park and the highest point o the park is 1,309m. 

7. South Downs - The national park with the most footpaths, it has 3,300 km of permissible footpaths =, 18 AA-rated restaurants and 11,889 different species of wildlife. 

8. Loch Lamond and the Trussachs - This is Scotlands most-visited national park, it welcomes 4 million visitors a year seeing 12,277 different species of wildlife.

9. Nothumberland - This has been named the UK's best national park for stargazing, it has 12 dark sky discovery sites and attracted 7 million visitors a year.

10. North York Moors - The national park with the most heather moorland. North York Moors has 44,000 hectares of heather moorland and 42km of heritage coastline.