THE world-renowned Kirkstone Pass Inn is now available to purchase for £1,200,000.

Standing at 1,500ft, the roadside inn has been run by the Jennings family for 16 years.

But they have now decided it is time for retirement.

The current owner of the inn John Jennings said: "The time has come for us to wrench ourselves away, to move on into retirement, but not befpre settling down, in stone, our reflections on some of the amazing events and experiences adding, as idyllic owners, to the iconic Inn's historic catalogue of charm and mystique, recording for the posterity our desirable input to a unique British legend."

The foundations of the Inn are believed to be linked to an ancient monastery at an intersection of Roman roads including High street.

Records for the Kirkstone Pass Inn building date back to 1496Ad.

It is the third highest inn in England. 

The property is for sale with property specialists Fleurets. Call 0161 683 5445.