THE Lake District features in a new book called 'Mapping the Mind the art of skyrunning UK' 

The book features a series of discriptive sky runs and it aims to guide people and develope their skills and knowledge on skyrunning. 

The inspiration for the book came during the third lockdown, when the author John Proctor was struggling and needed something to take his mind off it and let him get creative. 

John, said "I started sketching mountains and putting the runs together as a series really, just to break the hard hitting third lockdown. This is the first time i've been soley destroyed but the inspiration came from that and i just sat at home and created this guide from runs that i have been doing in the past 3 years."

What is skyrunning? 

Skyrunning is a form of mountain running where you run up to or succeed 2000 metres. During a sky run you will encounter knife edge ridges and take part in rock scrambling up to grade two scrambles.

The Westmorland Gazette: John ProctorJohn Proctor

The Lake Distrct is home to six routes which feature in the book. The routes are: Wasdale 11, Wasdale 20, Wasdale Link-up, Langdale 26, Lakes Ultra Skyrun and the Scafell Leg Press. 

On why the Lake District is perfect for skyrunning, John, said: "The Lake District is phenomenal, the landscape offers so much choice. There are some really fast descents that make it really exciting and then you've got realy low grade scrambles that are accessable to a runner.

"That's the key really, the routes got to be runable and climbable and in the lakes we've got boundless amounts of that so its a perfect destination.

"Also, i wanted the book to be a journey through the most beautiful parts of Britain and the Lakes obviously is my favourite place in the whole of Britain."

John has been working the Cumbria for the last 10 years and says it was a 'natural' choice to start off the series of runs in the Lakes. 

John is a Yorkshireman but the Lake District holds a dear place in his heart as he spends six to seven months in the Lakes guiding.

John's book 'Mapping the Mind the art of skyrunning UK' is currently available on Amazon.