A SPORTS charity trustee is tackling the Triathlon Challenge Lake Windermere.

Access Sport trustee Matthew Dawson, who lives in Rickmansworth, is taking part in three phenomenal endurance challenges: the ultimate cycling, swimming and running triathlon.

In June he completed the first stage, an epic 335km cycle, on August 14 he will undertake an 18km swim in Lake Windermere.

The final stage of his triathlon will see him take part in the London Marathon on October 3.

Matthew has been a trustee of Access Sport since 2020 and a keen supporter since 2013.

He is also an IT Director and father of two young children,

Matthew is an endurance athlete in his spare time, and Access Sport’s mission is close to Matthew’s heart.

He believes passionately that sport can change lives, and that it should be a basic right for everyone from all backgrounds.

Matthew said: “Physical activity for me is like brushing my teeth, it’s part of my everyday life and if I didn’t have it, I would go crazy.

"Over the years being active has helped me control my stress levels, and this has become even more important in the pandemic because it makes me get up from my desk and take a break during the day.

"It has also shown me that the limits are there to be pushed; I love to see how far I can push myself and I want to help inspire others to push themselves beyond their limits.”

For donations visit justgiving.com/campaign/tri-with-access-sport.