SPEAKING as the sheep classes commenced at the 222nd Westmorland County Show on September 8 president of The Westmorland County Agricultural Society, Henry Robinson, spoke of his happiness at the event’s return.

Mr Robinson said he expected a good turnout with the expectation that crowds would reach the maximum capacity that is being allowed this year.

He added that things were ‘as close to normal’ as could be considering Covid and discussed the amount of work that has gone into making the show a reality and as safe as possible for visitors and exhibitors.

“We’re expecting a good attendance,” he said.

“We’ve got very good weather and we’re just enjoying being shown around all the different classes, sheep and alpacas.

“Everything has gone well so far.

“We’re very pleased with the exhibitors, and there’s loads of traders and the sheep section in particular there is a record attendance and record number of entries.

“It isn’t just double the hard work with it being two days, it’s more than because of all the restrictions.

“But we are pleased so far.”