The planning applications in place for the South Lakes.


Extension to existing garage to provide annex accommodation comprising two bedrooms, bathroom and living / dining / kitchen. External terrace, fencing. gate and paving / footpath link to dwelling, 1 Templand Cottages, Cartmel Road Allithwaite. For Mr & Mrs Keith Foreman.

Crown reduction of 2 yew trees, Yew Trees, Beetham, Milnthorpe. For Mr Ronald Atherto.

Demolition of damaged barn and erection of a steel portal framed building for the storage of hay & housing of sheep, barn in field SD 2285 south of Orchard Head Bridge, Foxfield, Broughton-in-Furness. For Mr Edward Tyson.

Proposed change of use from shop & premises(Eb) to residential use. The previous areas of the bakery and shop located on the ground floor of the property are proposed to be combined with the flat above for residential use. This will include works to the front of the property to remove the existing shop front display and entrance, then rebuilt in liking to the rest of the residential property, 2 Greenodd Village Bakery, Main Street, Greenodd, Ulverston. For Miss Kirsty Postlethwaite, The Bakehouse Greenodd Ltd.

Application to determine if prior approval is required for the installation of 3 antennas onto the existing 15 meter mast & ancillary equipment, Fire Station, Kents Bank Road, Grange-over-Sands. For Richard - MBNL and EE Ltd.

Application for Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed) for the conversion of 2 flats to a single dwelling, Greystones, Kents Bank Road, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr Mark Selby.

Temporary installation of an internal stair lift, Blawith Lodge, Windermere Road, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr Mike Fallowfield.

Construction of agricultural storage building to house tractor, machinery, midden trailer and associated feedstuffs and bedding for existing equestrian and agricultural use, land at Swallowmire, Deepthwaite, Milnthorpe. For Mrs S Ettridge.

Environmental Impact Assessment scoping opinion for proposed revisions to the Kendal Flood Risk Management Scheme approved under reference SL/2018/0925, land adjacent to River Mint and Kent extending from adjacent to Lakeland Distribution Centre to Helsington Mills, Kendal.

Fell tree (T1) as indicated on sketch plan. Species is believed to be a lime tree. Replace with beech hedging, 83 Captain French Lane, Kendal. For Mr A March.

Single storey rear extension & alterations including new pedestrian access gate to the rear boundary fence, 14 Yeats Close, Kendal. For Mr M Simpson.

Discharge of condition 6 (Acoustic management) attached to planning permission SL/2018/0011, Strawberry Fields, Kendal. For Oakmere Homes (NW) Ltd.

Request for screening opinion and full planning permission for the continued use of the temporary outfall structure and discharge until a permanent solution is constructed and operational. Request for continued use of discharge to end September 2022 and for the structure to remain in situ until end October 2023. Please note the outfall is an existing structure and is currently operational from previous approvals but the use from 1st November 2021 has not yet started, Kendal Wastewater Treatment Works, Wattsfield Road, Kendal. For Sarah Jakubiak - United Utilities Water Ltd.

Erection of timber frame car port to the rear of 6 and 10 Main Street, Thornfield, 6 Main Street & 10 Main Street Kirkby Lonsdale. For Mr. John Short.

Discharge of condition 6 (Materials) attached to Listed Building Consent SL/2021/0076, 55 Main Street, Kirkby Lonsdale. For D E Worthington Ltd.

T-1 - Magnolia - reduce crown by 2 meters. T-2 - Berberis - reduce by 2 meters. T-3 - Portuguese Laurel - prune back to boundary. T-4 - Laburnum - Fell and re plant with a new Laburnum, Laburnum House, 6 Main Street, Milnthorpe. For J Phillips.

Two storey extension to the side and a single storey extension to the rear including a conservatory, 2 Bela Avenue, Milnthorpe. For Petra Knight.

T1 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by up to 2 metres, T3 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by up to 2 metres, T4 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by up to 2 metres, T5 - Sycamore - Fell, T7 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by up to 2 metres, T8 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by up to 2 metres, T9 - Sycamore - fell, T10 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by up to 2 metres, T11 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by up to 2 metres & T12 - Sycamore – fell, 1 East Court, Ulverston. For Mr S Carey.

Application to determine if prior approval is required for a proposed telecommunications mast, antennas and ancillary development, land off Paddy Lane, Paddy Lane, Scalthwaiterigg, Kendal. For EE Ltd.

Proposed annex for family use & improvements to existing house, Mill House, Stainton, Kendal. For Mr & Mrs Stephen & Nicola Rowley.

Formal notification of 28 days notice in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code) Regulations 2017 (as amended) to install 1 X 10 meter medium wooden BT pole, Hill Foot Hotel, Pennington Lane, Ulverston. For Subramani Poosalingam.

Two detached dwellings, land adjacent to Beckthorn, Ulverston Road, Swarthmoor, Ulverston. For Mr and Mrs Chris Mulgrew.

Single storey rear extension forming extended kitchen and dining room, 1 Sandside, Ulverston. For Mr Marc Atkinson.

Application for Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed) for a loft conversion with rear dormer, 9 Oxford Street, Ulverston. For Mr G Donning.

Replacement of existing wooden ground floor windows with white UPVC windows, Royal British Legion 10 - 12 Brogden Street, Ulverston. For Mr Mark Allsopp.

Variation of condition 2 (Approved plans) & 3 (External Materials) attached to planning permission SL/2020/0902 (Extension & alterations including raising of roof together with new double garage), Fellwood Head, Hooks Lane, Little Urswick, Ulverston. For Mr & Mrs T Harrison.


Repairs to fire damaged building, new roof structure and covering to main roof on a like for like basis, repair and/or replacement of a few of the timber floor joists and beams which are fire damaged, full replacement of fire damaged floor boards & localised external repairs, The Buck House, Dallam Tower Estate, Park Road, Milnthorpe. For Julian Oston. LBC grant with conditions.

5 Day notice to remove broken branches and dead wood. T3 Larch - remove broken branches & dead wood. G1 Oak - Remove broken branches & dead wood, Hazelslack Caravan Site, Hazelslack Farm, Carr Bank, Milnthorpe. For Dallam Tower Estate. TPO Exempt.

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate (Proposed) for the erection of new external stairs, railings, landing and storage building to replace existing access to two flats, 2 & 3 Ashness, Kents Bank Road, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr Lee Harrison. Refuse.

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate (proposed) for the construction of a hard surface and the creation of a means of access to the front of the property, 46 Echo Barn Hill, Kendal. For Ms Catherine Mackenzie. Grant.

Lodge and slope extensions, Kendal Ski Club, Canal Head North, Kendal. For Frances Watkins, Chairman. Grant with conditions.

There is a mixed specie tree line that is encroaching and touching the neighbouring building. Our certified team shall attend site and complete the following operations; The tree will have a 2 metre lateral reduction to remove the encroachment on the building, 20-30 Sandes Avenue, Kendal. For Sports Direct Kendal. No objections.

Change of use of annex to holiday let, Fairview, 108 Main Street, Flookburgh, Grange-over-Sands. For Mrs Erica Watson. Grant with conditions.

H pole installation, land near St. Anthony's Close, Milnthorpe. For Alexandra Waters, Electricity North West. No objections.

Additions and repairs to yard, Sea View, Pennington, Ulverston. For Mr Alan Merscough. PN AGBU PA not required.

Removal or variation of a condition 5 (gross internal floorspace of each of the five dwellings) attached of outline planning permission SL/2019/1032 (Demolition of existing buildings and erection of five dwellings and shared use buildings), Holme House Farm Limited, Skelsmergh, Kendal. For Moss, Holme House Farm Limited. Refuse.

Replacement garage & front porch extension, 20 Cartmel Drive, Ulverston. For Mr Robert Rankin. Grant with conditions.

T4 Ash - Fell, T52 Birch - Fell & T 110 Horse Chestnut – Fell, Ford Park Community Group, The Coach House, Ford Park House, Ford Park, Ulverston. For Jill Salmon, Ford Park Community Group. No objections.