A KENDAL Judo player found success at the first major competition in nearly two years.

Kendal Judo Club’s Nye Greasley took part in first major junior Judo Championships. 

He was among nearly 800 competitors in the London Arena who took part over two days of competitive contests.

The major attraction was a place in the England Talent Development (Under 21 years) Squad.

Nye had been a member before Covid halted any further judo and martial art tournaments across the country.

He had also moved up two weight categories from Under 73 to Under 90 kilos and at 18 years of age was giving away three years to most of his opponents as well.

Nye’s first opponent was a player from London who the Kendal player quite comfortably beat with two half point (waza-ari) scores with a body drop throws (Tai Otoshi).

His next contest was against a Yorkshire competitor who, although looked very active was actually doing very little but at the same time preventing Nye from attacking.

However, a change in tactics saw the Kendal player take him to the ground for the full point (ippon).

His third fight had Nye up against Joe O’Neal from the North East, an opponent who caught him with a throw almost at the sound of the bell to end the contest.

Although no longer in with a chance of a gold medal Nye was still in with the opportunity for a bronze against another Londoner.

A half point throw allowed Nye to follow his opponent into a ground technique – a san gaku (three point strangle) for the submission and a Bronze medal.

His success means that Nye is now on the England Development Squad for the next two years and will be training regularly at the British Judo Association National Dojo at Wolverhampton University in Walsall, in between his university studies.