THE dangers of the sands of Morecambe Bay have been emphasised after two people became stuck in the mud.

A multi-agency response at Arnside Point has sparked a push for greater awareness of the perils of the sands.

Fire crews were called out alongside the coastguard and RNLI just before noon on Monday to two people trapped in mud.

Both were saved but one councillor has urged people to be more aware of the dangers when visiting the area.

Helen Chaffey, district councillor for Arnside and Milnthorpe, said: "I was aware of the incident the other day and there was an extraordinary response from emergency services.

"It is of course concerning that these people were in danger but the emergency services sent were effective in helping them and getting them to safety.

"From my point of view it is always concerning when people find themselves in difficulty.

"I would always be advised by the experts and if there is ever anything we can do to make things safer I am open to it. "What we don't want to do is close off the sands as many people enjoy using that area.

"It is a relief that these people were fine and got the help they needed in time. It is all about awareness on this issue."

STUCK: Coastguard in action at Arnside

STUCK: Coastguard in action at Arnside

Cllr Chaffey said there was extensive measures in place at Arnside to warn people of the dangers of the fast tides and sands - including signage and a siren when the tide is coming in and out.

Firefighters, along with the coastguard and RNLI, used a rescue sledge, air path, air lance and coastguard sand lance to extricate and rescue one casualty from mud.

A spokesman for Morecambe Coastguard Rescue Team said: "Morecambe coastguard were called out to work with neighbouring teams Arnside & South Lakes Coastguard Rescue Team and Knott-End Coastguard Rescue Team to two people who had become stuck on the sands between Arnside and Jenny browns point.

RESCUE: Coastguard in action at Arnside

RESCUE: Coastguard in action at Arnside

"The casualties were extracted out of the sands by a team of emergency personnel from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Morecambe Lifeboat and coastguard team members. Then they were handed over to North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust for a check over before heading back for a well deserved shower and cup of tea.

"The group were very well equipped and were able to give an accurate location to the emergency services. They had come across an isolated patch of very soft sand and mud.

"Remember if in danger on or around our coastline call 999 and ask for the coastguard."