A LAKES lover has spoken of his disappointment after finding rubbish on the water’s edge during one of his daily runs.

Steve Watts - who recently released a book of the pictures he has taken during lockdown of the beautiful scenery around the Lake District - was shocked to find waste scattered across the landscape.

"On a recent morning run and dropping down to Alcock Tarn from Fairfield I noticed way ahead a green object in the bracken," the Grasmere resident said.

"I was horrified to find it was a plastic bag full of waste food - cans and bottles.

"Having cleared the mess I found to my disbelief another bigger black bin bag left by the side of the Tarn. I just can’t get my head around why or how anyone can leave such a mess in such a tranquil and beautiful place.

"It is not only the waste they leave. What you take up ensure you bring it down."

RUBBISH: left in the water

RUBBISH: left in the water

Although it was not there on this occasion, his other gripe is with full dog poo bags left on the mountain side.

"The worst one for me is when people take dogs up the fells and when they do their business, they leave the bag next to the path," he continued.

"Usually I think that means they are coming back for it but if they do not, that is one of the worst offences."