A TOWN councillor in Kendal is set to step down next year - with his wife to run for election in his place.

Cllr Adam Edwards said the Covid pandemic had been an 'exhausting' period to be a councillor and felt the move would allow him to focus more on his youth work.

It will also ensure he is around to look after his young daughter if wife Leone is successful in being elected.

Cllr Edwards, who represents the Nether ward, said his time as a councillor - he was elected in 2017 - had 'allowed me to see things at a different angle'.

"I think a lot of people outside the council see it as a political arena," he said.

"But it really isn't. It's local people trying to manage local issues.

"It's helped me to understand the nature of things like the flood defences.

"I have learnt so much."

Cllr Edwards, a Liberal Democrat, referred to his position on Kendal's Christmas lights committee as a particular highlight.

"Some of the brilliant things that we have been able to achieve within that committee, it has been amazing," he said.

"When you go to the actual Christmas lights switch-on and know that you have been a part of that, it's kind of magical.

"I think the town council is probably the most important council of all. It is literally about where you live - right here, right now."

The 49-year-old said the move would allow him to devote more attention to the youth club - Kendal Youth Zone - he had set up. The club is now hosting events after being delayed by the pandemic.

Wife Leone will vie to replace him in the same ward at the town council elections next year. She said she was 'looking forward to the challenge'.

"I just want to try and make a difference to the community and help others that are in need," said Mrs Edwards, 42, who lives on the Sandylands estate.

Mr and Mrs Edwards currently run a food share on the estate and Mrs Edwards said food poverty would be a focus of hers were she to be elected.