Fans of Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot may need to look away now, as the loveable vegetable character is sitting out this Christmas advert.

From the teaser Aldi have released on social media it seems as though Kevin has been replaced by a banana named Ebanana Scrooge.

The 20 second teaser reveals child Ebanana waiting patiently on Christmas eve, hoping to finally meet Santa Claus.

Ebanana is on a plate, snuggled up next to a mince pie in front of a warming log fire. Suddenly, a mystery hand appears (could it be Santa Claus?) and takes away the mince pie, leaving poor Ebanana behind.

Watch the Aldi Christmas advert teaser here

As the banana watches the mince pie being taken it cries, “Santa, wait… why didn’t he take me?”

Quickly Ebanana’s confusion turns into anger, jumping up and yelling, “I hate Christmas…”

The clip fades, and the teaser leaves viewers on tenterhooks as to what will happen next in this festive tale.

The full Aldi advert will premier online and on national TV on Thursday, November 11, so we still have some time before we find out how this story ends.

Where is Kevin the Carrot?

The last five Christmas adverts have featured the lovable Kevin the Carrot, who we’ve seen on Santa’s sleigh, fall in love, and battle the wicked parsnip.

On the Kevin section of the Aldi website, the supermarket confirm his departure.

It said: "We know you’re excited about getting a first look at Kevin for 2021 but we’ve not seen him or his family since Christmas 2020.

"If he gets in touch, we’ll let you know. Until then, we’ve put together Kevin’s best bits over the years. So many great adventures."

You can see all of Kevin's best bits on the Aldi website.

Aldi have taken to Twitter, acussing competing supermarkets of brutally selling Kevin as a vegetable.

This year Ebanana Scrooge takes his place. Will the banana’s story capture us the same way?

Aldi’s full Christmas advert airs on November 11.