COMEDIAN, podcaster, author and former Loose Women star Jenny Eclair has spoke about touring ahead of a Barrow performance this weekend.

Jenny Eclair: Sixty! (FFS) will see the comedian talk about turning the milestone age as she takes to The Forum stage on Sunday.

Talking with The Mail, Jenny said: "It's basically about turning 60 which I thought was a bit of a traumatic deal, but then it turned into a more traumatic deal considering I turned 60 basically more or less the week the pandemic arrived.

"I was 60 on the 16th of march, just when we were all starting to be told not to go out. It was the day the theatres closed down and it was when the lights were gradually going off all over town and everyone was suddenly realising that this was more serious than we thought.

"It was the double whammy of turning 60 in the dawn of a pandemic that picks on the over 60s, it was a kind of 'welcome to your higher risk age category, happy birthday!'"

The tour kicked off in September, with Jenny describing the moment she returned to the stage as 'emotional'.

She said: "That was really amazing I have to admit, it takes a lot to make me feel weepy and I felt weepy on stage. It was incredibly emotional, it wasn’t anything I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting to feel quite that kind of emotion and it really did knock me over, it was wonderful."

Jenny is looking forward to returning to the town, of which she is no stranger to.

"I've done Barrow-in-Furness on several occasions," said Jenny. "There's a funny sort of wildlife park nearby isn’t there – when you're on the motorway and you can see lions it’s a bit mental Barrow is great."

Tickets are available for Sunday's performance at

You can also catch Jenny on her podcast Older and Wider, or delve deeper by purchasing her Sunday Time's best selling book Older and Wider: A Survivor's Guide to the Menopause.