A VILLAGE has thanked the National Lottery for a large grant to refurbish the community hall.

The beautiful hamlet of High Wray, near Hawkshead, has opened its Village Hall once again following a complete rebuild of its washrooms.

During last winter’s lockdown The Community Fund was approached for a grant to enable the High Wray Village Hall to renovate, insulate and completely update the shower and toilet facilities.

They are now smart, modern and accessible to users with special mobility issues. Funds totalling £33,000 were gratefully received by the trustees of the hall during 2021.

Pat Lennon, Parish Councillor for Colthouse and Wray, said: "The building is vital to the community.

"We don't have a pub, we don't have a shop, or any other community space.

"We use the hall for our summer and winter socials, evening meetings, and to come together to play darts and table tennis.

"Without it, there isn't any way for us to come together."

She explained that in an emergency, the only refuge the village would have is the hall.

The last time the hall was modernised was in the 1970s.

The building is a former school, so the toilets were separated into boys and girls and worse for wear.

The male room had a four-foot by five-foot metal urinal, which has now been replaced.

Now, they have two 'gender friendly' toilets and a communal hand basin.

A spokeswoman for the hall said: “We are delighted that, thanks to people buying National Lottery tickets, we have been able to improve our hall.

"It is our central social hub as we have no shop, café or pub It is such a benefit to residents of High and Low Wray."

To cover maintenance costs High Wray Village Hall offers day-use to local groups and budget camping barn accommodation to those from further afield. The upgraded hall is already taking bookings for 2022.