HERE are the latest South Lakes planning applications.


T1 - Wych Elm - Fell, T2 - Leylandii - fell, T3 - Rowan - fell & T4 - Elder – fell, Northern edge of garden, on the boundary between the racecourse and the garden, Cartmel. For Mr Charles Raine.

Variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) and 11 (access) attached to planning permission SL/2021/0724 (Siting of 2 static holiday caravans and laying of stone drive to car parking hardstanding), The Pastures, Lodge Park, Templand Lane, Allithwaite, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr & Mrs Cotter.

Demolition of existing garage, extensions and alterations to dwelling, Fell View, Aynsome Road, Cartmel. For Mr & Mrs O'Neill.

Internal alterations, improvements to existing utilities and services, demolition & replacement of outbuilding, replacement windows & upgrade of loft insulation, Market Cross Cottage, The Square, Cartmel. For Rachel Holcroft.

Single story rear extension and front porch extension, 18 Hillcrest Drive, Slackhead, Milnthorpe. For Alison Loveland.

Application to amend the tenure mix at schedule 2 attached to planning permission SL/2019/0359,OS Field No.s 1737 and 1841 to the north of Boon Town, Burton-In-Kendal. For Ms Lucy Cheetham.

T1, 2 & 3: Conifers - To reduce by 40%. Reason: To allow view from Hotel to the Bay. T4-Ash Tree - to fell. Reason: Tree has Ash Die Back and is over the driveway - has a weak stem and therefore has potential to fail, Netherwood Hotel, Lindale Road, Grange-over-Sands. For Jamie Ling - J&J Specialist Tree Care.

T1 Holly trim crown to create a symmetrical shape, T2 Silver birch crown raise, T3 Oak Crown raise, T4 neighbouring Yew cut over hanging branches back to the boundary line, T5 Portuguese Laurels cut over hanging branches back to boundary line and T6 crown raise over the highway to give 5 metres clearance (several mixed species trees), 56 (Rockcliffe), Kentsford Road, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr & Mrs Dalziel.

Set of 5 Leylandii trees in garden of old farm building. Fell. Two ash trees within falling distance of neighbouring properties. Fell. Four sycamore trees with branches overhanging neighbouring properties. Pollard. Prune trees adjacent to Windermere Road, land at southern edge and south western edge of Brown Robin nature reserve, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr Pete Jones - Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

Fell 3 Ash trees with Ash die back. Fell 1 dead Hawthorn.Reduce Sycamores and Elder back from drying area to boundary, 1-2 Yewbarrow Terrace, Grange-over-Sands. For Holt.

New single story front entrance extension, 2 Cragg Drive, Grange-over-Sands. For Ms Helen Scott.

Property improvements including, kitchen and porch extension, dormers and bay windows, 2 The Croft, Leasgill, Milnthorpe. For Mr David Farquhar.

Removal of existing conservatory and the erection of a new 2 storey side extension with associated internal alterations and rear facing dormer at first floor, Tower View, Woodhouse Lane, Heversham. For Mrs Jacqueline Addison.

Formal notification of 28 days notice in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code) Regulations 2017 (as amended) to install 2 X 9 meter medium wooden BT pole , locations North and East of 10 Kent Place, Dowkers Lane, Kendal. For Daniel Lancaster - Fluid Fibre.

Cherry, Reduce the crown by 1m. T2, Rowan, Reduce crown by 2m, 27 Sedbergh Road, Kendal. For Mr Budd.

Yew reduce by max 1.2m overall to maintain shape and crown distance from property. T3-Cedarremove lowest limbs to achieve 2.5m clearance beneath. T4-Willow-reduce to approx. 3.5m, 3 Castle Bailey, Beast Banks, Kendal. For Mr R Pealing.

Single storey rear extension, 26 Gillinggate, Kendal. For John Carradice.

2 non-illuminated projecting signs & painting existing fascia with company logos, 12 Library Road, Kendal. For Tomas Hornak Kakaw Ltd.

Application for Outline Planning Permission for 3 detached dwellings, land to the south east of Fowl Ing Works, Fowl Ing Lane, Kendal. For Mrs Sarah Penny.

Installation of solar panels over slated roof to south facing roof slope of inner valley detail, Friends Meeting House, The Quaker Tapestry, Stramongate, Kendal. For Ms Ros Batchelor.

Variation of Condition 2 (approved plans) attached to planning permission SL/2021/0514 (Alterations & change of use of 1st & 2nd floor show room & storage (Use Class E) to 4 dwellings (Use Class C3)), Albion Building, Sandes Avenue, Kendal. For Wilson- Home Design NW.

Two storey side extension & new off road parking area, 19 Underley Avenue, Kendal. For Mr & Mrs. C. Highet.

2 metres x .65 metre Fascia sign, Abbot Hall Social Centre, Dowkers Lane, Kendal. For Abbot Hall Social Centre.

Variation of Conditions 2 (approved plans) and 3 (external materials) attached to planning permission SL/2020/0047(Single storey front extensions), Burberry Cottage, Soutergate, Kirkby-in-Furness. For Mrs Sheila Bell.

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) & removal of condition 4 (trade or business use) attached to planning permission SL/2007/0007 (replacement garage, replacement retaining wall, new steps to patio and new steps to croquet lawn), Cark Manor, Cark In Cartmel. For Cark Manor Ltd.

Erection of a gazebo building (retrospective), Cark Manor, Cark In Cartmel. For Cark Manor Ltd.

Yew tree to left of driveway to have a slight crown raise + prune back away from road/pavement. 2nd yew at the back of the garden to have a similar prune as Yew no. 1. Both Yews to be dead wooded + selective thin out, crossed branches removed. All in all, a very light prune. Works proposed is for reducing damage to tree from passing lorries + improving access to the garden areas underneath the trees canopy, 9 Haverflatts Lane, Milnthorpe. For Mr Jon Dunning.

Application for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission SL/2021/0652 (Reconfiguration of internal ward layout to provide ensuite accommodation and improvements to clinical therapy and staff areas resulting in some fenestration alterations. Construction of single storey porch entrance, new secure garden space and 3 new condensers within complex.), Westmorland General Hospital, Burton Road, Kendal. For Lscnhsft Dod.

Application for a non-material amendment following approval of reserved matters SL/2019/0868 (Detached dwelling) , land adjacent to Low Carley Lodge, Carley Lane, Ulverston. For Mr Oliver Prosser.

Alterations to the existing bungalow to add a new first floor level and a 2 storey and single storey extensions at the rear, siting of 2 temporary caravans in garden for the duration of the works & new shower and toilet block for the Little Acre Holiday Park, Little Acres, Crooklands, Milnthorpe. For Mr & Mrs Keast.

Remove hedge, boundary wall and shrubbery & erection of a 1.435 meter boundary wall with pillar height not exceeding 1.63 meters, 9 Swarthdale Avenue, Ulverston. For Mr S Brackstone.

Single storey extension, internal alterations including conversion of integral garage to living accommodation (Resubmission SL/2021/0208), Nearbeck, Rake Lane, Ulverston. For Dr A Krishna.

Discharge of condition 3 (Landscaping) attached to planning permission SL/2021/0353, Stonecross Mansion, Daltongate, Ulverston. For Abbie Regan - Persimmon Homes.

Discharge of condition 4 (Landscaping) attached to listed building consent SL/2021/0432, Stonecross Mansion, Daltongate, Ulverston. For Abbie Regan - Persimmon Homes.

Internal alteration to increase the number of apartments from 15 to 16, Hoad View Apartments, North Lonsdale Road, Ulverston. For Mr Mark Fox.

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate (proposed) for replacement windows of the same style and window design, Neville House, Neville Street, Ulverston. For Mr Lee Granville.


Extension to existing garage to provide self contained annex accommodation, external terrace, fencing. gate and paving / footpath link to dwelling, 1 Templand Cottages, Cartmel Road, Allithwaite, Grange-over-Sands. For Mr & Mrs Keith Foreman. Grant with conditions.

Alterations and extension to existing dwelling, Malt House, Heversham. For Ms Ursula Williamson. Grant with conditions.

Application for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission SL/2018/0925 Kendal Flood Risk Management Scheme - Phase 1 Kendal Linear Defences, comprising works along the rivers Kent and Mint through Kendal including new and raised flood walls, new and raised flood embankments, ground raising, pumping station and associated changes to the public realm and landscaping, and adjacent to Rivers Mint and Kent extending from adjacent to Lakeland Distribution Centre to Helsington Mills, Kendal. For Mr Michael Harper. Grant.

First floor side and rear extension (Resubmission of SL/2020/0384 & SL/2021/0531), 19 Whinfell Drive, Kendal. For Mr Steven Dawson. Grant with conditions.

Single storey rear extension & alterations including new pedestrian access gate to the rear boundary fence, 14 Yeats Close, Kendal. For Mr M Simpson. Grant with conditions.

Modification of S106 agreement attached to planning permission SL/2019/0398 for the registered provider to include a form of mortgagee protection and to ensure that the protections in favour of tenants who acquire their properties extend to their mortgagees. Amendments are also required in respect of the allocation procedures regarding the affordable housing units, land south of Underbarrow Road, Kendal. For Mr Mark Dutton. Withdrawn.

Variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) & 4 (window frames) attached to planning permission SL/2021/0075 (Conversion and change of use of existing office building (Use class E) to form ground floor retail unit (Use class E) with separate dwelling over (Use class C3)) , 55 Main Street, Kirkby Lonsdale. For D E Worthington Ltd. Grant with conditions.

Variation of conditions 2 (approved plans) & 6 (materials) attached to listed building consent SL/2021/0076 (Conversion and change of use of existing office building (Use Class E) to form ground floor retail unit (Use class E) with separate dwelling over (Use Class C3)), 55 Main Street, Kirkby Lonsdale. For D E Worthington Listed Building – grant with conditions.

Covered manure store, High Barns, Levens, Kendal. For Mark Edmondson. Grant with conditions.

Formal notification of 28 days notice in accordance with Regulation 5 of the Electronic Communications Code) Regulations 2003 (as amended) for the removal of existing 1 cabinet, to be replaced by 1 cabinet & development ancillary reworks thereto, O2 Levens Moss, Lea Bridge End, Levens, Kendal. PN TEL PA not required.

Repair of roof, Beech House, Foulstone, Lupton, Kirkby Lonsdale. For Mrs Kathryn Houghton. Listed Building – grant with conditions.

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate (proposed) for a single storey side extension forming a utility/store room, 20 Dorchester Crescent, Ulverston. For Mr Stuart Armistead. Grant.

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate (proposed) for first floor rear extension, 24 Maple Avenue, Ulverston. For Stewart Smith. Refuse.

Discharge of conditions 5 (roofing materials), 6 (materials for external surfaces), 7 (doors and windows), 8 (boundary treatment), 9 (parking layout), 10 (Level 2 historic survey) & 12 (Land contamination) attached to planning permission SL/2017/0191, Holme Bank, Little Urswick, Ulverston. For Mr T Postlethwaite. Discharge of conditions – approve.

Single storey front and side extension with balcony over, Brooklea, Bardsea, Ulverston. For Mr & Mrs A Greenwood. Grant with conditions.