An historic Lakeland business is thriving despite losing a the trade of nearly a whole continent.

The world-famous Grasmere Gingerbread®, which has been trading from the same building, Church Cottage in Grasmere since 1854, have established a worldwide trade, despite being forced to cease trading with our European neighbours, as Yasmine Hunter, 4th generation owner explained:

"We no longer trade with Europe due to Brexit, and we've definitely lost some custom because of it, due to the taxes you have to pay at the other end, and the paperwork varies for each country, so it's become a very time-demanding service.

"Obviously our products are fresh, and these delays mean they're not in the condition they should be when they arrive."

Despite this setback, Yasmine said that there are few corners of the globe that their Cumbrian treats are not devoured:

"The United States is one of our biggest markets - I have to pinch myself when we get orders from places like Hawaii, and we even recently had an order from Chile!

"We are sending out all our international orders this week so they get there in time for Christmas.

"All domestic order slots are full - we have a very loyal customer base so they know that we often fill up by November, so place their orders in August.

"You can still buy from the shop, and we are open 7 days a week from 9.15am until 5pm right up to the 23rd."

Their cult following partly stems from the fact that Sarah Nelson's original 1854 Grasmere Gingerbread® recipe, is still used today, the details of which are locked away in a bank vault.

Their new products and collaborations with local artisan producers are also something that Yasmine is very passionate about:

"We've worked with Ginger Bakers to release a new product this year - rum and ginger Christmas Pudding, which sold out within 2 days.

"We sell festive fudge, chocolates and other gifts all made in partnership with, often one-man-band, Cumbrian producers.

"We're very passionate about Cumbrian food history - we have all these wonderful products because of the trade ships bringing exotic ingredients into Whitehaven from the 17th century.

"Cartmel sticky toffee pudding, Cumberland sausages, our gingerbread, Kendal Mint Cake - we have so much to be proud of."