A KENDAL based baker has had one of their products reviewed on TV.

The Ginger Bakers' sticky gem ginger loaf cake was reviewed by Alan Titchmarsh and Paul Hollywood on ITV's 'Love your weekend with Alan Titchmarsh'.

Founder Lisa Smith said she was contacted by the production team on the show asking if she could send one of the famous ginger cakes down to be reviewed on the show.

Lisa said: "We didn't think anything of it, we didn't know if it would happen or even when it was going to happen.

"I was in the the bakery on the Sunday the show was airing and orders started piling. I thought this is a bit odd as all the orders were for the same cake and it took me a few moments to realise why."

Lisa then received an email from a customer saying where they spotted the cake and wanted to place an order.

Since the show, the bakery received an influx of orders. "We were very very busy, it kind of shows the power of promotions," she said.

Her famous loaf received high praise from the Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood. He said the cake was 'spectacular' and that Lisa would receive the famous 'Hollywood handshake'. While Alan Titchmarsh said the cake was 'lovely, gorgeous and fabulous'.

The sticky gem ginger loaf cake is fast becoming the bakery's most popular item of 2021. The cake is made from an old family recipe which has been tweaked and changed over the years.

Lisa started 'Ginger Bakers' 16 years ago. She started baking in her family kitchen and selling the baked goods in farmers markets across the county. Now the bakery has grown in size and is based at 10 Crook Road, Kendal.

On what she loves about her job, Lisa said: "Doing something that people enjoy, cake always puts a smile on peoples faces and that is just fantastic and that is the best bit."