A DISTRICT council in Cumbria has taken the bold step to equip its officers with extra security and surveillance devices.

Eden District Council have joined Cumbria County Council and Carlisle City Council as the only council organisations in Cumbria to adopt the policy of issuing body-cams and dash-cams to its staff and vehicles.

The states that the use of the devices are important for the 'safety for the users and assisting in diffusing potentially dangerous situations'.

"(They) provide a reliable version of events, protecting officers from false allegations and clarifying any disputes," it said.

"They are also vital in gaining evidence for prosecution purposes."

The document stresses that the cameras will not be used covertly, but that when a body-cam is being used to "record a suspected offender, the officer operating the equipment must announce that recording is taking place."

On dash cams, the document states: "Where a dash cam is being utilised in a Council vehicle, a notice/sign displayed on the vehicle will show clearly that it is fitted with a camera system."

The document says that strict privacy rules will be in place - that nobody will be recorded "in a state of undress", and that "users must consider the right to private and family life."