The beloved children's character Postman Pat's Kendal home has been given a remarkable makeover by a local resident.

Susan Heyes, of Kendal, has crafted a unique knitted tableau of Pat, his black-and-white cat Jess, and his famous red van, to adorn the red postbox that sits outside the former Beast Banks Post Office in Greenside, Kendal.

Postman Pat author John Cunliffe lived at number 32 Greenside, only a few doors from Beast Banks Post Office, and taught at Castle Park School in the town.

It was his friendship with the shopkeeper at the Post Office that provided Mr. Cunliffe with the inspiration for the popular characters such as Mrs Goggins, and his fictional village of Greendale.

The Post Office closed in 2003, and is now a famous Kendal attraction, with the postbox, a plaque and a figurine of Pat where passers-by can leave donations for the NSPCC.

The Westmorland Gazette: ICONIC: The old Beast Banks Post OfficeICONIC: The old Beast Banks Post Office

Marilyn Molloy, whose husband ran the branch until its closure said:

"Where we are it is very much a community, people will come with their children to see Pat, who stood right under the plaque John Cunliffe wrote for the wall.

"The children are always coming past to say hello to Pat, and they would often drop some pennies in for the NSPCC as the went past.”

John Cunliffe sadly passed away in 2018, but Postman Pat is still immensely popular, having first aired in 1981 and being shown in over 50 countries.