A CUMBRIAN couple with a water mad pooch sought the help of TV’s ‘Dogfather’ for the latest series of his hit show.

Dog trainer Graeme Hall headed to Bowness in the first episode of Channel 5’s fourth series of Dogs Behaving Very Badly-which aired on Tuesday- to tackle the antics of wild swimming enthusiast Harris.

Owners John and Linda, a HGV technician and child minder, were terrified that the cocker spaniel’s love of water could get them and himself in serious trouble.

“As soon as we let him off the lead he jumps in the water regardless,” said Linda.

“If there’s a duck that adds to the fun.”

“He has no fear of water if the river was in flood he’d not think that it was running fast he’d just jump in and be washed away,” said John.

“There was a time at Thirlmere where he couldn’t get out.

“It’s very frightening.

“I had two ankle replacements two years ago so I can’t travel anywhere fast.

“I think we will come to a point where he’ll get into a situation where he can’t get out and I can’t get to him rapidly enough or he’ll put me in a situation trying to get him out and I’ll slip and hurt myself.”

After seeing the duck fanatic in action Graeme seemed confident he could help the couple- who were not as confident.

The dog trainer began with putting Harris on a long lead and trained him to wait at the shoreline before entering the water.

After just three attempts Harris was responding to the command so Graeme moved onto his next plan of action-how to get Harris out of the water once he was in.

To get Harris’ attention Graeme used a quacking call to entice the dog back out of Windermere.

The instrument was a huge success and Harris returned every time he was called and heard the noise.

Linda and John were overjoyed and expressed their relief at Harris' response.

“I’m really pleased about that,” said Graeme.

“I can drive away from here knowing he will always be safe so that’s a right good result.”