AN historic novel about the life of Richard III is the debut offering from an Eden author.

The romance novel, called 'Maiden of Middleham', is written by Kirkby Stephen resident Bridget Gunston.

Bridget, 73, who is retired, wrote the book under the pen name Bridget M. Beauchamp which was her father's family name.

The book centres around Richard III and follows his life from when he was a teenager but also tells the story of a young girl who goes to work at Middleham castle and had an affair with him.

The story follows the girl's life at Middleham Castle in parallel with his life.

Bridget became interested in Richard III since the discovery of his grave in 2012. She went down to Leicester in 2015 for his funeral procession and started reading about his life.

Bridget is a member of of several Richard III groups dedicated to restoring the reputation of the monarch and also describes herself as an 'avid Ricardian'.

She said: "My story is a romantic tale of love and loss, duty, desire and death, set in the tranquil valley of Wensleydale beginning in 1468 when the heroine meets the teenage Richard Duke of Gloucester and falls in love.

I wanted to portray him as a very loyal and courageous man, which he was and how he was much maligned and vilified by the Tudors who came after him."

This is Bridget's first foray into the writing world. She said that she was inspired by Middleham Castle and writing it from a women's point of views.

On what she loves about writing, Bridget said: "I have always enjoyed writing letters, I enjoy reading but I have never written anything like this.

"My husband said 'why don't you write a book?' and I thought well I am not qualified to write a book but then I thought why not and see how it goes."

The book was picked up my Bridget's publisher Woodfield publishing. The book is £9.95 and available to buy on Amazon and from shops.