HUNDREDS of people were prosecuted in the last year for domestic abuse.

Statistics show that more than 600 prosecutions of domestic violence offences took place across Cumbria, the force also issued nearly 70 domestic violence protection orders and secured 265 restraining orders.

Figures also show that on average the police force deals with 17 incidents of domestic abuse each day across the county.

Throughout December, Cumbria Police ran an awareness campaign that highlighted the action the force has taken to tackle domestic police.

Detective Chief Inspector James Yallop is a senior officer within the public protection side of policing in Cumbria.

He said: “Nobody should ever have to suffer domestic abuse and if you’re scared at home, there is help out there.

“Tackling these awful crimes and safeguarding vulnerable people is a key priority for us.

“We take reports seriously and we treat all cases with sensitivity.

“If you are suffering, please get in touch. We are here to help and support you. Even if right now you only have questions, I would urge you to contact us.”

To tackle repeat offenders and victims of domestic abuse, police will visit those who are identified as repeat victims and made aware of the support available for them.

They are also provided with a consistent, single point of contact where they can report crimes and concerns.

Officers also visit the people who are responsible for the abuse in order to encourage them to address their offending behaviour.

Cumbria's Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, said: "We have to do much more than just talk about domestic abuse; we all recognise that it is an awful and serious crime which often has wider effects on family members including children

“That’s why we have to turn talk into action, and it’s why the Constabulary take this issue so seriously and will continue to do so.

"No one should have to worry about their partner harming, hospitalising or, worst case scenario, killing them."

Signs that someone could be suffering from domestic abuse include: Injuries, Substances abuse, personality changes, low self-esteem, stopping socialising, stress or absence from work.