The Aurora lights could be seen in the skies above Cumbria, much to the amazement of the population down below.

The lights, also known as the Northern Lights, were visible on January 14 and were captured by local man, Phil Henderson.

He was able to capture some incredible images of the natural light display which could predominantly be seen in high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic).

Auroras display dynamic patterns of brilliant lights that appear as curtains, rays, spirals, or dynamic flickers covering the entire sky.

Phil said regarding seeing the incredible sights: "Seeing the northern lights is one of the most amazing things you will ever see.

"They are mesmerising and mind blowing at the same time.

"One of the greatest gifts mother nature gives give us.

"The first time I saw them was about seven years ago in exactly the same spot-on woodland fell. I've been hooked on them since.

"Photographing them is tricky business if you're unsure what to do. The lights can be there but not visible to the naked eye, so long exposures are necessary to capture them.

"I've been a keen photographer for over ten years now, I still class myself as an armature photographer though.

"Just invested in a new camera Nikon D500, as I really want to get into wildlife photography, when I have free time."

"Capturing the northern lights will always be top of my list.

"One day I hope to go back to Iceland and hopefully see them there, first time was a no show."

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