A youthful cast was set to bring the ageless Peter Pan to the Barrow stage in February 1989 with a show specially written for young performers.

The Young Image Musical Society wass staging the JM Barrie classic in a pantomime form, but still keeping to the much-loved story of the Darling children, including Wendy, who fly off to Never Never Land with the eternally youthful Peter Pan.

A cast of 38 would be singing and dancing its way through the show’s week-long run with different lyrics set to familiar tunes from the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas.

Derrick Judge was musical director and he had re-written the words to fit into the storyline.

The production choreography and costumes were down to Nellie English and the script was a re-working of the original Peter Pan show, created in 1988 specifically for children’s productions.

“It will be the first time it’s been done in this area. We won’t be having Peter Pan actually flying like they do in London production because we haven’t got the equipment, but we are going to try to use lighting to create a special effect,” said Mrs English.

Lynne Myerscough, 11, was taking the lead role, 18 year-old Dawn Wilcock was Wendy and Sarah Coulter, 13, played Tinkerbell.

Antony Wilcock was the dastardly Captain Hook and the Chief was played by Susan Todd.

The Mail’s review of the first night show at the Civic Hall, Barrow, said it was a bright, lively production

The word-perfect youngsters romped to Never Never Land, throwing in many topical jokes on the way.

Lynne Myerscough as Peter Pan sang her closing number beautifully.

Dawn Wilcock as Wendy Darling had a strong, clear voice. Tammy John and Kelly Baron made a splendid John and Michael.

Liza the cook was a ‘Dame’ part specially written into the story to give it a pantomime feel and this was very well played by Tammy Nicholls.