An unlikely local celebrity has made his national television debut in an interview with "Britain's Dullest Men".

Archie Workman is a well-known figure in the South Lakes for his work as a parish lengthsman, maintaining roadsigns and vegetation on the regions back-roads, and most importantly, his passion for drain covers.

He starred on Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch, sporting striking red camouflage trousers, a hi-vis jumper, and a cap which read "I Love Dull Men".

He said: "It was a long day, I was impressed that they sent a car for me as Storm Eunice hit that day, and I met Kerry Katona, which was, shall we say, interesting.

"Alan Johnson (former Health Secretary) was also on the show too, who I'd known in a previous life."

Archie appeared as one of a trio, also including a man whose mission in life was to video all 10,449 parishes in the UK, and James, the holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of vacuum-cleaners.

The Westmorland Gazette: TRIO: Archie and his fellow enthusiastsTRIO: Archie and his fellow enthusiasts

He brought in his favourite drain cover, dating back to the 1800s, which he found in a hedge, and said that it was the real star of the show:

"People don't realise that they're walking past a piece of art, it's street furniture, and no two are ever the same - there's so much skill in every drain cover."

Despite being known for his singular passion for inanimate objects, Archie told of the colourful life he has led previously, even having something in common with host Steph McGovern:

"Steph used to work at Black and Decker in Spennymoor, and back in the day I was piloted in to save the company with my business development hat on.

"I managed to save them £1.7million, and they closed the Italian factory instead of ours!

"They thanked me with a drill and a workbench."

Archie said is also a professional public speaker and has been working on another TV project:

"I was asked by the Conservatives under David Cameron to do a talk for them and it snowballed to other things, like speaking at rotary clubs and history clubs and allsorts.

"I've been working on a documentary with a company in London, where they had me driving round like Raiders of the Lost Ark lifting drain covers.

"I worked in ship repair for a long time, I worked for 2 years in Russia, and did barter deals with the mafia as there was no money around, and had some quite frightening times!

"I ended up flying round the world, and now I'm in the gutter, and it's the best job I've ever had."