KENDAL boxing hero Taylor Finch has won his debut match on Friday night in Bolton.

The young boxer was making his first professional appearance for MTK at the Bolton Arena against George Rogers, winning the bout by decision after four rounds.

For the 20-year-old fighter this followed on from a very successful two-year career as an amateur.

His next bout has been confirmed for April 22.

Taylor is signed with MTK Global which is the same promotion company as Tyson Fury.

Taylor’s father Alvin Finch described how proud he was of his son.

Alvin said: “He was incredible.

“He used his jab well, put his combinations together comfortably and made Rogers miss using good footwork.

“It went all four rounds and he won a clear decision by the end.

“We had 167 people from Cumbria come down with us which was incredible.

“He really did Kendal proud.

“The community was behind him and we were getting messages that night wishing him luck and asking on how he did afterward.

“Even people who may not have been that interested in boxing have been following him. It really was like having the whole town there with him.

“As a father it was a bit nerve racking but Taylor never showed any worry whatsoever.

“Even though I was cornering other people that night as well I just wanted to be with my son.

“Even as we filmed the bout the noise from the crowd was incredible. They were chanting and singing his name. It was a great atmosphere.

“During the days before the match Taylor was also so calm. I kept asking him ‘do you feel worried’ and he just said ‘no, it’s another day. Put someone in front of me, and I’ll deal with them’.”

Taylor will compete again in April 22 at Salford Red’s Rugby League Club at 8pm. Transport will be going from Kendal.

For tickets and information contact Alvin Finch on 07392 345917.