A CULT Cumbrian band has released a previously lost album called 'Owl Cage'.

This experimental post-rock quintet has preceded with the release with the full force of the albums leading single 'Seventh Wave'.

Seventh Wave follows the previously-released one-off single Bikini, with the new single arriving as the band prepare to break the seal on their upcoming album: ‘Owl Cage’; a record ‘lost’ in the void for over 16 years. 

The single is a call-to-arms that shakes with a vitriolic post-hardcore fist raised high. Inspired by one of history’s most notorious escape artists, Papillion; Seventh Wave floats through references to the ‘butterfly' himself while reserving none of the bee-like sting Seven Seals fans have come to relish.

“It’s a fascinating theme,” lead singer, Simon says of the record’s overarching concept.

“In the studio, when put together, the lyrics looked like a story about a murder, prison, wrestling with identity, with bad relationships, feeling trapped, and escaping from fate.” 

Released on February 25, 2022, the upcoming record promises to be an exploration of prison via posthumously found sounds and a lesson in the importance of finishing what you started.

Seven Seals is  Simon Pickering, alongside John Powney, Jay Glover, John Bingley and Jim Tyson.

After the first gig at Castle Park Primary school, the 9-year-old Simon with school friend John Bingley (guitar) continued in bands throughout their schooling only to reform with new members, fellow schoolmates,  Jay Glover and John Powney after university; it would be the acquisition of a set of mixtapes belonging to the late Chris Acland, drummer of the legendary Britpop/shoegaze band: Lush, that would transform the band’s prospects entirely.

Owl Cage’’s songs seemingly arrive straight from the slammer. From the criminality of ‘Murderous’ to the political prisoners of Chairman Mao in ‘Small Broadcasts,’ not to mention references to Henri Charrière’s ‘Papillon’ and Peter Greenaway’s ‘A Walk Through H’; all offer flashes of inarcerational inspiration.

On the album, Simon said: "With Owl Cage we wanted to go heavy but not Be heavy.

"I like the ideas of apocalyptic music and trying to cheat death, Ingmar Bergman’s ‘The Seventh Seal’ was a key influence too”