A CUMBRIAN adventurer has set a new record for completing the mountains of England route in the fastest known time.

Laurie Crayston, a very well-known adventurer, and entrepreneur from Holme near Kendal, completed the challenge in 77 days and three hours.

Beginning in Dartmoor on December 12, Laurie covered 192 of England’s mountains and finished on February 27.

He has also become the first person to climb them all in a single winter.

Mostly alone and self-supported, Laurie hiked a total of 881km with 51407m of ascent, all around working full-time.

Battling brutal winter weather, he hiked up to six days a week.

Laurie, who set and briefly held the record for the most Wainwrights climbed in an unsupported continuous hike (150) last year, said: “The idea for this first crossed my mind a little over a year ago but I wasn’t able to attempt it last year because of lockdowns and then preparations for the Wainwrights took over.

“During my Wainwrights record I got an unexpected taste for winter and how ridiculously cruel it can be, and I loved the barbarity of it.

“I’ve had my sights set on a winter challenge since and this fitted perfectly.

“It was almost to the exact minute I finished on the three-hour mark. I finished on Black Combe at five past one on February 27.

“I’m back at the work now but I do have a little underlying feeling of fatigue.

“It was an interesting time and during the last few weeks I thought my body was just going to fall apart but somehow it managed to hold on.

“It’s a cliché but I just put one foot in front of the other until I reached the end.

Upon completing the challenge, Laurie posted on Instagram: “I’m not sure I can actually believe I’ve done it. It’s so odd to think that I won’t have to get up and hike tomorrow.

“My body and brain are both absolutely fried, but I’m chuffed to bits! It’s been an unreal adventure and an amazing way to spend winter.”