Millions of people who tuned into Killing Eve Episode 2 were treated to a taste of local fashion as one of Britain's biggest TV stars sported a jacket designed and made by a small family firm in Sedbergh.

Jodie Comer, who play Villenelle in Killing Eve, wore the Farfield Clothing Shaker Geese jacket in the opening scenes of Monday 7 March's first airing of Season 4 Episode 2 of the popular show.

 Jodie Comer's often distinctive outfits on the show often go on to be hugely popular, and the unmistakeable jacket featured prominently in the scene, as Villanelle was hiking through a campsite.

The Westmorland Gazette: VILLANELLE: One of Britain's hottest stars, now globally famousVILLANELLE: One of Britain's hottest stars, now globally famous

Jean Pearson, Managing Director of Farfield Clothing, was somewhat taken aback when it dawned on her that her jacket, which she retails between £69.50 and £71.50, was to be thrust into the BBC prime-time limelight:

"We had just an ordinary online order for a Shaker Geese jacket, which said Elstree Studios on it.

"I didn't think any more of it, until we received a phone-call from a man asking for another one, but it has to be identical.

"So I asked if that meant we would be on TV, and he said 'yes, we're filming the new series of Killing Eve at the moment, and the main character is wearing your jacket!'

"It's probably a one-minute wonder, but we've had an awful lot of owners from it, from Romania, Finland, America, China, all over."

Farfield Clothing have been manufacturing their own clothing, made from Yorkshire fabric, since 1985 - firstly at their original home at Farfield Mill before moving to an old school building on Joss Lane in Sedbergh in 1999.

 Jean said that their small operation has remained virtually unchanged for almost 40 years:

"A lot of people like the fact that it's British, its made in a rural area - our style hasn't really changed since we started, and the the quality of fabric is fantastic. 

"People like to come into the shop and see clothes that are different - you won't find them anywhere else, and we can adapt jackets and patterns to different body shapes.

"If you see a Farfield Clothing label, you know its come from here."

For more information about Farfield Clothing, or to visit their online shop, click here.