BBC Breakfast was forced off air on Saturday morning after the show was interrupted by a fire alarm mid-broadcast.

The incident occurred at 9.55am at the BBC's studios in Salford's MediaCityUK.

The Apprentice winner Harpreet Kaur was being interviewed by about her business strategy and the show's intense filming process by presenters Rachel Burden and Roger Johnson.

However, partway through Harpreet's answer, the fire alarm briefly sounded.

"We’ve been disturbed by an alarm," Burden initially said.

The alarm turned off after a couple of seconds, but sounded once again  after a brief moment.

This was then followed by an automated voice, repeating the instruction: "Attention attention please evacuate via the nearest available exit."

Burden said: "I’m so sorry everyone, for the time being we’re going to have to leave the studios. So we’ll see if we can come back before the end of the show and talk about cake."

"I think we are going to have to go so enjoy whatever you’re doing for the rest of the day," Johnson added.

"I’m so sorry Harpreet."

After further apologies were made, Johnson added: "I’m so sorry. We think we’ve got to go, we don’t know. If you’re watching, thank you for watching. Goodbye."

Afterwards Johnson tweeted out that they had recorded a replacement interview with Kaur once the alarm had stopped, which will air on Sunday's episode of BBC Breakfast.

BBC Breakfast's Roger Johnson is widely known as the presenter of BBC North West Tonight while Rachel Burden is a familiar voice on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Watch as BBC Breakfast goes off air due to fire alarm

The moment occurred at 9.55am, and doesn't mark the first occasion where disruption has occurred in a BBC building this year.

Michael Gove missed an interview slot on BBC Radio 4 back in January when he became stuck in a lift at the BBC Broadcasting House.

After being trapped for half an hour, he made a delayed appearce on the show joking that staff had "successfully levelled me up" and released him.

Prsenter Nick Robinson had initially offered to conduct the interview by phone from inside the lift.