People in Cumbria can now use TaskRabbit to hire a skilled, local Tasker to tick any number of household jobs off their to-do list. 

The expansion will provide an additional 226 jobs across the country as local independent workers can sign up to offer their skills in more than 40 categories, spanning from furniture assembly and gardening to painting and minor home repairs. 

The expansion into Cumbria comes as TaskRabbit makes its services available in every postcode across the country, following a period of significant growth.

TaskRabbit provides access to a variety of services in more than 40 categories, including minor home repairs, cleaning, plumbing and more. TaskRabbit connects people who need help with skilled, local taskers who can assist them with their projects. 

As a two-sided marketplace, TaskRabbit helps create new job opportunities, allowing people to build their businesses or earn extra income. 

Begüm Zarmann, Managing Director at TaskRabbit Europe, said: "We have seen exceptional growth in the UK, with a 67% increase in bookings over the last two years. At a time when we have been spending more time at home than ever before, feeling good about the place where you live is essential.

"With an increasing demand for our services from people in Cumbria, we’re delighted to introduce TaskRabbit to help people get more done at home, and we’re excited to help generate new work opportunities for the local economy.”