An ancient woodland near Ulverston is to be dedicated to The Queen as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Rusland Woods, between Ulverston and Windermere, has been selected by The Queen's Green Canopy, under the patronage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, as one of 70 ancient woodlands throughout Great Britain of special heritage.

Rusland Woods is owned by Friends of the Lake District, a charity dedicated to preserving Cumbria's landscape, whose website describes the woods as two areas of woodland - Bull Coppice and Resp Haw Wood, running down the eastern side of the Rusland Valley.

"The woods are a delightful mix of oak, birch, ash, small-leaved lime, holly, and other native species," it says.

"The ground flora includes bluebells, dog’s mercury, primroses, and wood sorrel.

"The woods include the presence of nationally important natural heritage features, geological and geomorphological features, wildlife, and habitats.

"They are designated as being of outstanding scenic, historic and scientific interest and enjoy 'open access'."

Prince Charles recorded a special message about the dedication of the woodlands.

"As Patron of The Queen’s Green Canopy, I am delighted to announce the nationwide network of seventy Ancient Woodlands and seventy Ancient Trees, dedicated to Her Majesty in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee," he said.

"Many of you may have already helped with 'Plant a Tree for the Jubilee' – or a 'Treebilee!' - which has seen over a million trees planted across the United Kingdom.

The Westmorland Gazette: PATRON: Prince Charles is the Patron of The Queen's Green CanopyPATRON: Prince Charles is the Patron of The Queen's Green Canopy

"Our next aim is the conservation of our nation’s natural heritage and to highlight what we need to do to protect the precious ancient woodland habitats for generations to come.

"I believe it is absolutely vital that we do our utmost to nurture our historic inheritance through careful management and, in the case of the woodlands, that we can expand them and link them to other natural features like our hedgerows. 

"And if we are to create the 'Ancient' trees of the future, we must plant more trees in hedgerows, fields, churchyards, and avenues.

"Furthermore, I would suggest that some of those planted should be propagated from today’s Ancient Trees, thus helping to preserve their unique provenance and heritage. 

"These working woodlands and magnificent trees span our nation’s amazing landscape and exist for everyone to enjoy.

"At the same time, they support biodiversity, and help to provide us with the most versatile and beautiful of materials for our craftsmen and women.

"Trees and woodlands have a profound significance for us all – their steadfast and reassuring presence a reminder of our long-serving Sovereign and her enduring dedication.

"Let us ensure that in her name we can now protect and strengthen this wonderful living Canopy for the next seventy years and, hopefully, way beyond.

"And, above all, let us ensure that future generations can celebrate and enjoy them."