SUMMERLANDS Taekwondo club has enjoyed another weekend of success at the Ultimate 121 competition.

The team returned with a new collection of medals following their strong performances.

Ten fighters, Harry Westmorland, Clarke Benson, Faiz Kashif, Ema Tega, Mya Lightley, Isla Weaver, Daanish Kashif, Georgie Colvan, Violet, and Hugo Benson, venued down to the competition.

The squad came back with seven Gold and two Silver Trophies, having not been able to find a match for Ema, along with an additional Gold and Silver for extra matches for Mya and Harry.

Ryan Lightley, Lead Instructor and Coach at Summerlands TKD said: “Yet again these kids continue to amaze me.

“The majority are still not even a year into training and yet they compete like they have being doing it years.

“Despite a few wobbles and nerves taking over, they still had the courage to get in the ring and perform to the best of their ability, managing to attempt some impressive kicks in the process.

“As they demonstrated again, they showed that Taekwondo isn’t just about kicking, but attempting to overcome obstacles and difficulties, which in turn is developing a multitude of valuable life skills, which hopefully will serve them well now, and in the future.

“As a club this is something we are very focused on and consider it a huge part of the whole teaching process, which we believe, is testament to the success that they have. “They support each other wholeheartedly with humility and respect for their opponents and we really couldn’t be prouder of our members and the club as a whole.”

If you would like more information regarding Summerlands TKD, you can contact Ryan via the Summerlands TKD Facebook page or telephone on 07963414597.