People in Westmorland are heading abroad for summer holidays again after two years of no travel, as Gates Travel says "it's been absolutely manic." 

Managing Director of Gates Travel, Angela Dobson, said "we are the only travel agents left in Kendal, and the older people in our community don't book on the internet, so we have been very busy." 

This comes after Ryanair CEO, Michael O'Leary, said that he expected ticket prices to rise during the summer as demand returns to where it was before the pandemic. 

When asked if she expected the demand to continue, Angela said: 

"I hope so! After two years of hell any money that we make is paying for lost bookings over the pandemic."  

She did, however, express worry that the cost of fuel prices and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine may have a knock-on impact into the future.

"I suspect a lot of airlines have already paid for their fuel this year, but I do think that if this continues into next year then going abroad will become more expensive."