KENDAL Rugby club have been promoted after achieving 91 points in the league, despite having to miss a game at the end of the season.

The team have moved up from league level six to level five, which had been a long-term objective of the club.

Their 91-point score placed them ahead of Waterloo who were on 90, making them eligible as one of the top three teams in the league for promotion.

Following a decision by the RUF to restructure the league, Kendal will find itself in a competition between 12 teams instead of 14, as regional teams will be divided up to compete against one another.

This will reduce the need for travel for each squad.

Stephen Green of Kendal Rugby said: “We had a good start to the season before Christmas, but it didn’t go quite so well after because of injuries and just playing stronger teams.

“We reached fourth place in the league and the top three will be moving up.

“They’re altering the league structure next season.

“They’re reducing it from 14 teams to 12 teams, on the basis of making travel less of a problem. More geographically central league.

“We got points from our last two games, one against Carlisle which we won handily and claimed five points.

“We were meant to play the Isle of Man, but they weren’t able to make the match due to travel issues. It was rescheduled but they couldn’t make up a side for it, so in the end the RUF awarded us with five points.

“It was a frustrating end to the season but we are glad to promote.

“This put us up to 91 points which placed us ahead of Waterloo who were third on 90.

“It was nice for the club to be promoted out of level six which was one of our aims and we’re very pleased.

“The RUF are running around the fixtures but they’re putting a lot of the North West and East teams together. We will find out where we are in around June time.

“We might end up playing Kirkby again which is good for both clubs.

“The teams we’ll be against will likely be Wirral, Blackburn, Kirkby, Macclesfield, and Rossendale.

“It’ll be a challenge but it’s a step up for us and we’re ready for them.”