THE MEMBER of Parliament for Westmorland and Lonsdale Tim Farron said he was 'angry about the lack of justice' over the Partygate scandal. 

New photos have been eleased of Prime Minister Boris Johnson drinking at his advisor Lee Cain's leaving party on November 13 2020.

This was just after the second COVID-19 lockdown was put in place with indoor gatherings of two or more people banned, except if necessary for work purposes. 

"We shouldn't be talking about this, it is an open and shut case that he should resign," said Mr Farron.

"I feel personally very angry as I have done since the allegations came out six months ago.

"It's about what other people went through, such as my friend who could not see his mother over Christmas. 

"I visited a school and one of the children said to me 'kids weren't allowed to have parties so why was the Prime Minister allowed then?" 

When asked if constituents cared about the photos, or the Sue Gray report which will be released soon, Mr. Farron replied:  "It is a strategy of the government to lower people's expectations and to make people think they are as bad as each other.

"People keep saying that the government just needs to get on with its job, but every decision Boris Johnson makes is around saving his own skin. Whether that is over Ukraine, the cost of living crisis, or anything else.

"What impression are we leaving to the next generation of politicians? Members of the Conservative party have to go on TV and make themselves look ridiculous defending the Government.

"There are a lot of Tories that are also angry about this and I respect those that have joined calls for him to resign." 

Simon Fell, Conservative MP for Barrow, was approached for comment.