A PAIR of talented young students from Windermere School have beaten the odds to join three prestigious theatre programmes - where the acceptance rate is 1 in 10.

Alexander Bousfield, 17, has been accepted into the National Youth Theatre, and Georgiana Balfour, 15, has secured places at both the National Youth Music Theatre and the British Youth Music Theatre.

They will be following in the footsteps of famous alumni of the programmes including the likes of Colin Firth, Daniel Craig, Dame Helen Mirren, Ed Sheeran and Eddie Redmayne.

Head of Drama, Rebecca Hurstwaite said, “To have even one student accepted, is very rare. It’s a tough selection process, so when we found out the news, we all jumped for joy – and then when it happened a second and third time it seemed unbelievable.

The Westmorland Gazette:

"We are hugely excited that Alexander and Georgiana have been given these wonderful opportunities; they have so much support from their fellow students. Both Alexander and Georgiana have been dedicated drama and music students since they started at Windermere School.

"Both students light up the stage and put their heart and souls into everything they do; I am sure they have bright careers ahead of them”.

Alexander Bousfield said 'it feels amazing' having the opportunity to join the National Youth Theatre adding: "It has been a massive goal of mine for a while now and it was an incredible feeling getting the e-mail of acceptance. Although it was risk as I checked the e-mail just before my biology exam."

The Westmorland Gazette:

Later this year, Alexander and Georgiana will be attending theatre courses led by top directors, screenwriters, scriptwriters, choreographers and musical directors. They may also be invited to perform in London’s West End and will have opportunities to go for professional castings.

Georgiana said she was in a French lesson when she found out the news, she said: "while looking for an email our teacher had sent us with the work, I found the acceptance email instead. I was very happy and excited and kept staring off into space in disbelief after reading the letter."

Both pupils said their parents were 'excited and happy' for them adding: "They have always been my top supporters and I would not have been able to achieve the things I have without their support."