It is not long now until Buzz Lightyear returns to the cinema screen, with Lightyear releasing on June 17.

Inspired by the upcoming movie, new toys from the likes of Mattel, Funko and more have been released and are sure to help little ones play out their very own space adventures, while also bringing their favourite movie moments to life.

These range from model figures, training visors, blasters and more.

If you want to help your children go to infinity and beyond with their toys then take a look at some of what is on offer.

The Westmorland Gazette: Buzz Lightyear model figures (Mattel)Buzz Lightyear model figures (Mattel)

Lightyear toys from ShopDisney and The Entertainer

A number of Buzz Lightyear model figures can be bought from The Entertainer, such as this 12 inch model of Buzz in his XL-01 uniform for £17, which can be found here.

Another figure of Buzz can be found in his orange space uniform for the same price, as well as Buzz in his classic spacesuit with a laser blade, which can be purchased for £39.99.

If your child wants to feel like Buzz themselves, then this training visor and laser blade should do the trick.

The training visor comes to £25 and can be found here, whilst the laser blade toy costs £34.99 and can be found here.

Meanwhile, if you want to recreate some of the space flights and action scenes of the film to come then this Mattel Buzz Lightyear Action Figure and Hyperspeed Series XL-15 should do the trick for just £12.99.

On the other end if you wanted someone for Buzz to go up against then you could get the Mattel Disney Pixar Lightyear Hyperspeed Series Space Battle Pack for £49.99 which includes Emperor Zurg's spaceship alongside Buzz's.